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Outstanding Newspaper AnnouncesElecTRIC

Exceptionally we offer you special programs during each week. please consult our flagship programs.

Wake-up Call music

Generic music for the opening of the radio. Time : 5h30 : 5h50 from Monday to Sunday

Deutsche WELLE

A special program for you . Time : 6h05 : 6h30 from Monday to Friday


We publish announcements relating to CEPCA, Churches, Chaplaincies and public. Time 6h30-7h00 from Monday to Saturday

Fréquence Handicap

We let the Christian handicaps speak. Time 10h00 : 10h30 every tuesday

CRTV newspaper

In relay for the newspaper. Time 17h00 : 17h30 From Monday to Saturday

Protestant University

Protestant University Half Hour. Time 17h30 : 18h00 every saturday